Rambling through Nature: Mirada Lagoon Trails, San Antonio, FL

Arielle Rios


Tucked away in San Antonio, FL, lies the scenic haven of Mirada Lagoon trails. I'm a regular here, soaking in the peaceful vibes while keeping close to home. It's a joy to see neighbors out and about – whether walking, running, biking, or even zipping by on golf carts.
What makes these trails special? Well, they cater to everyone. Whether you're a walker, runner, or prefer wheels, there's something for you. And the scenery? It's ever-changing, from blooming flowers in spring to colorful foliage in fall to the always majestic Spanish moss hanging off of the grand oak trees. Plus, keep an eye out for the local wildlife – herons and squirrels are just some of the characters you might encounter. You may even see an alligator or two! 
But the real charm? It's the sense of community. Sharing these trails creates bonds, whether it's a friendly wave or a chat with a passerby. It feels like a homecoming every time I step out onto these paths.
So, if you're ever in San Antonio, grab your sneakers or bike and head to Mirada Lagoon. It's just a piece of nature's tranquility right in our backyard, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.
Welcome to our community, welcome to Mirada Lagoon, and welcome home.
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