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Sonny Glover is a real estate agent from Florida with many years of experience ranging from coastal properties, all residential, farm land, and everything in between. Recently, he was hired to represent a Buyer on their first and forever home in the Bahamas, located at 99 Galleon Bay Road in Treasure Cay. The property is located on the Eastern end of The Abaco chain, a group of islands spanning over 100 miles near the coast of the Bahamas. The closest major city to Treasure Cay is Marsh Harbour and the closest airport is Treasure Cay International Airport.

Sonny was about to embark on an exciting journey as a first-time international homebuyer's agent in the Bahamas. He knew that the process could be challenging , but he was determined to find the perfect home for the buyer and his fiance. Sonny first spent some time familiarizing himself with the local laws and regulations governing the buying and selling of real estate in the Bahamas. He discovered that the islands have a unique system of financial regulations and taxation that could affect the process, so it was important to be prepared.

Sonny had the expertise to help the buyers navigate every aspect of the home sale. From the initial offer, to the contracts, and closing. Sonny was instrumental in making sure the process went smoothly. He provided invaluable guidance throughout the process, making sure the buyer was knowledgeable, and able to make well-informed decisions regarding the property.

Throughout the sale, Sonny never lost sight of the goals of the buyer. He kept them informed throughout the process and followed up on every detail that needed to be taken care of in order for the home to close. From establishing a fair and competitive market price for the property, to making sure that the closing documents were all in order. Sonny was essential in making sure the entire process went as smoothly as possible.


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