Thursday Night Trivia at the Lagoon: A Community Bonding Experience

Arielle Rios


Tucked away in San Antonio, FL, lies the scenic haven of Mirada Lagoon trails. Nestled within our community, this weekly event has become a beloved tradition for locals, drawing in neighbors turned friends for an evening of fun and competition.
At the heart of the event is the music trivia game, where participants are challenged to test their knowledge of songs and artists. With each question posed, a corresponding tune fills the air, providing clues and sparking lively discussions among teams as they strategize their answers.
Over the past year, regular teams have formed, creating a sense of camaraderie and friendly rivalry. Among them, my street proudly boasts "Send It," a dedicated team of neighbors turned friends who eagerly anticipate Thursday nights at the lagoon. With their collective knowledge and quick wit, they've become formidable contenders, often victorious and adding to the hilarious atmosphere of the evening.
Beyond the competition, these gatherings foster a sense of community spirit. That night, we celebrated a neighbor's birthday, coming together to share cake and laughter after the trivia excitement had subsided. It's moments like these that highlight the neighborly bond through shared experiences and shared spaces.
In the tapestry of events at the lagoon, music trivia nights stand out as a shining example of the resort lifestyle our community embodies. Whether you're a seasoned trivia buff or a newcomer looking to join in the fun, there's a place for everyone at this weekly gathering. So come, dive into the music, test your knowledge, and embrace the joys of community at the lagoon.
Welcome to our community, welcome to Mirada Lagoon, and welcome home.
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